Leisure Activities in Hobart

Hobart, Australia is one of the destinations where you are assured of peace of mind, and lots of leisure activities to undertake during your holiday or vacation. Leisure time should be a period when you escape the demanding work, duties or school life, to be able to do what you love such as sports, hobbies or even having some time for family and friends. There are loads of activities which one can engage in when on holiday in Hobart, according to what people say, and it is the second oldest city in Australia, and the capital city of Tasmania island. Hobart is known for its history, culture, food and beautiful landscapes, that you will not see in any other destination, and to make your trip memorable, let’s look at some of the leisure activities you can partake in, when in this beautiful southern city.

Things to Do

We have detailed on some of the best leisure activities which will be of interest to you when visiting Hobart, and though the list covers things we think are generally applicable to everyone, you must remain open-minded, because the city has lots to offer.

  • Visit Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is one of the most visited places in Hobart. With a height of 1270m above sea level, you can get a full view of the neighbourhood of Hobart, up to the sea. There is one road leading to the mountain peak from the city centre, where you can use your car or catch a bus.

  • Online Betting

Gamblers who are travelling to Hobart for pleasure can also engage in online betting as a leisure activity. With the many casinos within the city, you may also opt to play casino games. Before choosing an online betting site, check now all the Unibet promotions for more value for your money.

  • Spend Time at the Beach

Spending time at the beach is one of the leisure activities in Hobart. When at the beach you can take part in some of the fun such as swimming, surfing, diving or snorkelling. Since most homes are located near the beach, there will be lots of activities to keep you entertained.